The Biggest Janmashtami Festival

on the European continent

Sunday 9 August 2020


LOTS OF HAPPY PILGRIMS. LOTS of ENTERTAINMENT. It’s a festival celebrating God who gave us the power of Love

Janmashtami is actually short for Shri Krishna Janmastami. Janmastami means birth (janma) on the eighth day (astami) after the full moon.
What is so special about it? Sri Krishna, described by all scriptures as the original source of all incarnations, appeared as a child from Devaki and Vasudeva, some 5000 years ago. This was in Mathura, India. “As stated in the Bhagavad-gita, the Lord says that His appearance, birth, and activities, are all transcendental, and one who understands them factually becomes immediately eligible to be transferred to the spiritual world. “ – Chapter 3: Birth of Lord Krishna, Krishna Book by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Lord Krishna Himself in Bhagavad gita, Chapter 4 text 8 describes the reason of His appearance as follows: paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge To deliver the pious and annihilate the miscreants, as well as to re-establish the principles of religion, I Myself appear millennium after millennium.

Followers of Vedic wisdom see in the form of Krishna, the embodiment of unconditional Love, universal compassion and brotherhood

Join us in this magnificent celebration, a festival worthy to please God !!

Previous Janmastami celebrations

what is there to do?

A celebration of Spirituality like you have never seen before

Live classical performance of traditional Indian music & songs

Have you already tried dishes prepared by our best vegetarian cooks? Well now is your chance! Free entrance and Free meals which should astound your taste-buds.

If you have always dreamt to visit an Indian Bazaar make sure to pass by the Marketplace with its wide variety of artefacts and entertainment influenced and mainly originating from beautiful India.

The heart of the festival. Seeing the deity and swinging the form of Lord Krishna on a swing are sure to give you tangible spiritual boost.

How about Some Fun Facts about festival?

Free Vegetarian Meals served
Buses full
Hours of festival!

This Janmastami festival is surcharged with spiritual energy with lots of fun without the help of external aids like alcohol….The festival fun is pure, lasting and healing.

Things to Do

The Janmastami Festival is a vibrant festival giving you all you need. Find here under a multitude of the things to do and the various activities, attractions, and entertaining factors that take place during this memorable festival.





Free veg meals

Free veg meals

Your Host

Your Host

Cultural Dance

Cultural Dance







Real Japa

Real Japa

Stage Entertainment

Stage Entertainment

Temple room

Temple room



Volunteering for Janmastami

Before filling in the form, make sure you have arranged for your own accomodations. Thank you for volunteering!

Read our Terms of Use here.


Sparkling activities simultaneously going on in

Program of 2019:

Delicious vegetarian meals (prasadam) will be served for free between 13.00-17.00h.

Come and enjoy and don’t forget to receive the blessings. Prepare for this spiritual festival by recalling the things in life for which you are grateful; by forgiving your enemies; by tolerating others mistakes; by expressing happiness for whatever God gives you on this day. Most of all, be respectful to devotees and other pilgrims. This is the success formula for lots of blessings on this special day.


THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE KRISHNA JANMASTAMI FESTIVAL HAPPEN! Would you like to see your logo here as well?

Contact Malati at


Transportation options

Bus trip to the Janmastami festival in Radhadesh:

Contact the following organizers for a trip

From Netherlands 

Govinda Tours
Excellent Tours
Ishara Travel
Op Facebook: Boykereizen: Opstappen in Groningen, Leeuwarden, Lelystad, Almere, Utrecht. Bel voor meer info: 058 2162978
Mohabattein Tours

Sri Krishna Dhaam:

Audarya Dhaam

Sandes Reizen

Prakotours: mobile +31655900306 –

Paloeloe Travel: tel. +3170 4274991/ mob. +316 36137666

St. Aastha: +31 10 480 4493

See-EU +32 497 883 883

From Belgium:

ISKCON Antwerpen: telefoon 03 2162969 of 0497 933 936

See-EUpick up from Gent, Antwerpen, Brussels, Leuven and Mechelen (Gent) +32 497 883 883

By train to Barvaux?
Take the regular Bus (TEC). these are the timings:
From Barvaux train station to Radhadesh: 11.15h and 13.15h
From Radhadesh to Barvaux trainstation: 16.00h and 18.00h

Or call our driver and see with him if he can pick you up.

Are you also organizing a bus trip to this festival?
Contact Malati Devi Dasi and your details will be placed for free on this page.

Join the Utsavah-seva in the following ways:

makhan chorMakhan Chor prasadam seva = 108€
Krishna-Taking-Lunch-with-GopasGopas prasadam seva = 308€
radha-krishna-bhojan-lila-on-yamuna-vrindavan-dasRadha prasadam seva = 808€
Nanda MaharajaMa Yashoda prasadam seva = 1008€
What you can do more:

1. Promote this festival in your own network.
2. Read the wonderful Bhagavad gita, especially on His appearance day to acquire special blessings.
3. Register as Festival Assistant for setting up tents, cutting vegetables, cleaning, etc.
4. Donate to support the festival in Radhadesh:

    • Pushpadaan (flowers): 408 Euro (sponsor: R. Ramautar)
    • Arati whole day: 308 Euro (not sponsored YET!)
    • Raja bhoga arati: 65 Euro (R. Chakraborty)
    • Cake for the pleasure of Sri Krishna: 308 Euro (sponsor: R. Kalloe of Govinda Tours)

Donors of 2018 Festival till now:

  • KMI-Avtar Singh
  • V. & A. Taneja
  • Amar Import
  • Sunda Forepark
  • J. Fortuin
  • L. Sietaram

May the Lord bless these devotees with love, devotion and success!

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