will not celebrate

Krishna Janmashtami

Due to an outbreak of COVID in the Radhadesh community, we will not be able to host any guests.



From live music acts by various talented performers. Reminding us of the glories of Lord Krishna is the main theme, and we love to experience this with you.

warm meals

Have you already tried dishes prepared by our best vegetarian cooks? Well now is your chance! The warm meals are served 12:00 – 15:00 in the tent behind the castle.


If you have always dreamt to visit an Indian Bazaar make sure to pass by the Marketplace with its variety of artefacts and entertainment influenced and mainly originating from beautiful India.


Take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle, and meditate under the guidance of experienced spiritual seekers. 


Give your prayer by offering a candle to Lord Krishna in the beautiful templeroom of Radhadesh. 

15.30 – 17.00

relish the mastery of Bharat Natyam performed by Gaura Nataraj
a reenactment of the story about Lord Krishna and the Syamantaka jewel
meditate, sing and dance to devotional music

Festival activities

japa meditation tent

Everyday we experience the same hustle of the day before. We get the occasional up and down of emotions, but cannot balance ourselves. Meditation plays a big role in this. On this auspicious day, we invite you to join us in mantra meditation. Focusing on our inner peace and sanctity of mind. While chanting every mantra, we slowly become cleansed in our mind and at the same time get closer to Krishna.

Jhulan tent

Radha Krishna come from the altar to the tent in front of the castle to enjoy a day of swinging. Everyone is invited to swing Them and relish Their beauty. Accompanying the swinging of Radha and Krishna are the wonderful melodious singing and instrument playing, glorifying the Lord.

questions and answers

Who am I? What is the purpose of life? Why do we do what we do? Is there a point to all of this? Why is Krishna considered God? What are the qualifications for spirituality? These questions and many more all have a place to be answered. We therefore arranged for many experienced practitioners to answer your questions and hopefully give you a sense of peace.

prasad tent

Every year we have the opportunity to serve all of the visiting pilgrims on Janmastami. We serve them spiritually but also the body has its needs! Therefore we invite qualified chefs to prepare warm meals for everyone. 

Kirtan tent

Kirtan is an expression of devotion. It is not contrary to japa meditation, but rather it compliments the activity. Kirtan is in the format of call-and-response where the participants have the opportunity to internalize the mantra and then express whatever they feel outwardly. Kirtan is traditionally accompanied by harmonium, mrdang (clay drum) and karatals (small cymbals). The Kirtan tent is together with the Jhulan tent.

sastra tent

Books are not just for the scholars amongst us, but they are there for the curious. If you would like to know more about the theology and philosophy behind Krishna Consciousness, this is the tent for you. You can find many books on the nature of Lord Krishna and answer many questions you have posed throughout your life.


The body is a temple, and the temple needs to be beautifully decorated. From essential oils to intricate jewelry, you can find anything beautiful at our marketplace.

Safety regulations

Before entering the castle, you will be asked for your vaccination pass or a negative COVID-test. The check-in point for this is in front of the castle. You are also required to wear a mask at all times. Please note! The negative COVID tests are only required for non-vaccinated adults. 

This festival would not have been possible without the support of:



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Sponsor Packages

Laddu Gopal package


As gratitude you will receive HQ darshan digitally (download) and a Radhadesh notebook or magnet, depending on availability.

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10 – 100 

kanha package


As gratitude you will receive a beautiful picture statue of Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha and a special pavitra necklace brought from Brahmins in Mayapur (West-Bengal, India).    

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Radhadesh is honored to host the biggest Janmastami festival in Western Europe, where we welcome pilgrims from all over the continent. Facilitating their spiritual journey and creating connections with different seekers. Over the past years we have had the pleasure of welcoming more than 3000 people a year for this particular festival.

One of the most important services is to provide the necessary funds for the festival to facilitate the spiritual seekers. Our Janmastami festival is entirely relied on the donations from well-wishing sponsors. For this reason we have created three donation packages which you can choose from.

These funds will be utilized to cover the following aspects of the festival:


Every year we invite skilled chefs who prepare nutritious Indian preparations. The preparations then get offered to Lord Krishna. These meals are then distributed freely to everyone throughout the day. The overall cost for this is 10.000 euros.


Flowers are so important to any function. They symbolize beauty, divinity and grace. On the Janmastami festival day we decorate the altar as well as the temple with many flowers. The cost for the flowers is 5.000 euros.


On this auspicious day, Lord Shri Krishna gets an elaborate bath by expert Brahmins with different items such as yoghurt, honey, ghee, and chandan. The costs for this is 1008 euros.


Make your prayer by offering a special candle to Lord Shri Krishna. To cover facilitating this the costs are 1008 euros.


This festival promises to create a nice experience for all attendees and needs to therefore create a safe space, and a well-worked out program for you to enjoy. For everything including extra toilets and a sound system the costs are 6.000 euros.

makhan chor package


As gratitude you will receive a beautiful picture statue of Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha and a special pavitra necklace brought from Brahmins in Mayapur (West-Bengal, India). As well as a unique Radhadesh gift handmade by our Radhadesh congregation member
and your logo* on our Janmastami website which has a reach of 5.000 people p/month and 10 K reach on Google Maps

*you are kindly requested to provide a high resolution logo of your company so we can place it on our website.

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